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Big 12 Executive Committee Meets With Oklahoma and Texas With Offer

July 25, 2021

STILLWATER – Sunday afternoon the Big 12 Executive Committee and Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby made a plea, what sounds like a financial plea, in meeting virtually with University of Oklahoma President Joseph Harroz and University of Texas President Jay Hartzell. The Big 12 Executive Committee consists of Texas Tech University President Lawrence Schovanec and Baylor University President Linda Livingstone.

The Big 12 released this statement on the meeting on their website.

“The meeting was cordial, and the Executive Committee expressed a willingness to discuss proposals that would strengthen the Conference and be mutually beneficial to OU and UT, as well as the other member institutions of the Conference,” Bowlsby stated. “I expect that we will continue our conversations in the days ahead and we look forward to discussing thoughts, ideas and concepts that may be of shared interest and impact.” 

Those proposals could consist of the eight members pooling together some of their shares of conference revenue to pay Oklahoma and Texas a share and a half instead of their normal share, which is already slightly higher than the others. The approximate amount of a share and a half would be $56 million. 

Pokes Report understands that when this was discussed on Thursday night in a meeting of the Big 12 CEOs and athletic directors, that it was not unanimous and at least two schools balked at the idea of paying OU and UT more conference revenue money. 

It will be interesting to see how this moves forward. Although, it is very hard to think it will deter the Sooners and the Longhorns from moving. Nor would it be likely to deter the other eight schools from having a lack of faith and a high amount of distrust for Texas and Oklahoma moving forward.

No word on the reaction of Oklahoma State University President Dr. Kayse Shrum and the Oklahoma State leadership group on this situation. We do know Dr. Shrum was briefed this afternoon after the meeting by Baylor University President and Oklahoma State alum Linda Livingstone.

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Big 12 Executive Committee Meets With Oklahoma and Texas With Offer

3,171 Views | 8 Replies | Last: 1 mo ago by Darth Vader
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A no go as far as I am concerned. Just prolongs the inevitable that the B12 is dead and makes the remaining members look like wimps. Time to stop begging and get on with surviving. Taking less money so the rich can get richer is a terrible business model if you are on the short end of that deal. Let's find a new home and be one of the 64 in the four super conferences. Let's get TCU and TT and move on. Let's watch the Sewerners and Shorthorn steers get put in their place often. GO POKES!!!
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yeah... agree.. screw that.

let them go before you/we pay them to stay.

These so-called school and conference leaders don't have a freaking clue . . .

If OSU loses a dime to these two yahoos then i'm scaling back on my support and interest in OSU, after 45 freaking years.

what a bunch of idiots. Play the cards that you're dealt, and make the most of it, but don't pay their ante just to have them stay in the game.

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This proposal is infuriating! Facilitate the rich getting richer? This makes me more angry than the dirty deeds leading up to this situation.
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I hope we don't see this go any where. So Baylor and ISU offer OU & UT half everyone else's payout so they stay in the league until the contract runs out in 5 years.

They don't seem to understand the basic issue is the contract is going to run out, and ESPN doesn't want to renew it. So paying for them to stay until the contract runs out is stupid and doesn't solve the problem.

NO, you go forward and if there aren't offers from other conferences you milk the contract for the next 5 years and make OU & UT play it out at equal share or pay the exit fee.
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Capitulating to UT and ou is simply ludicrous and pathetic. Have we lost all sense of pride, honor and respect? These two would take the money and still run later whenever it suited them. Fool me once -- shame on you. Fool me twice -- and I'm a stupid a-hole.

No thanks. Let's gather their things and throw them out into the yard for them to pick up. Give them nothing but a swift kick on the way out.

Let's set our sights toward a brighter future and the infinite possibilities of new life in another conference.
I know there are rules, but do we really want to follow them now?
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I assume this is simply a calculated business offer, thinking the other schools are at more risk moving on than trying to negotiate a tweener deal with the Big 2. It's likely more of a short term issue and problem too due to Covid financial losses. And who know....if you got these deal done with perhaps Houston, Cincinnati, Memphis and UCF, (or Nebraska) perhaps the new TV contracts would justify the risk financially and long term as a more viable conference results. It's likely complicated and a long shot. It does pi#$ you off just on the surface however. I also know there are legislative initiatives being discussed in both Texas and Oklahoma to block this.
Darth Vader
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Darth Vader
How long do you want to ignore this user?
First post was kind of a fail, lol. The Big 12 is so toxic. We need to get away and establish our own identity in a healthy conference with healthy members. You can't make concessions to tyrants who can't be trusted and care only for themselves. They obviously want out and obviously view the other members as liabilities, so let them go. If we make concessions now, then in 3 years when they pull this stunt again, they'll want a double share, etc and by that time, the Pac/Big/ACC will probably have their expansion situations resolved and we'll be stuck in a dead conference with no good options. "I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further," as I, Darth Vader would do. That's what we're dealing with. Time to move on in a way ensuring the best possible outcome and timeline for us, balanced with making sure ou/ut pay the max penalty possible.
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