Hey Robert, (or anybody), OSU was at our worst last year when Warren was out... forget QB, OL and defense, how do we survive the loss of Warren? I don't think we have anybody that can replace his production. I had hoped Richardson was that person, but he didn't show us that much when he had his chances. We're going to need a work-horse for us to even sniff the top 10 next year.

How do we fill "SUCCESSFULLY" fill the RB spot? (we don't need a list of roster RBs, we all know who they are... if you have some reason why one or two might take over the top spot, then please share)

7. Oklahoma State
Returning quarterback and I think OL and Defense will be fine. Lots of skill talen

and Robert, I thought you just said that SDSU, Fresno, UTSA and Utah State deserved consideration, but you did not list them yourself.