as horrible as we are in the half-court set, if any team can beat us down court on defense then we're going to lose.

after watching Tech's last two game, I'm expecting us to be down 58-24 at the half on Thursday. (or some ridiculous score)

Tech beat KU with only 8 scholarship players, and beat BU with their top player still out.

Then we have BU in Wacko on Saturday.

Some things that need to happen, IMO..... Moncrieff needs to be benched every time he puts the ball on the court.

Anderson should not be allowed to dribble inside on the half-court sets... might as well just hand it to the defender and hurry back on defense.

Ice should never ever set up in the corner, he did that a lot early in the season, and I saw it again last night. If Ice is in the corner, then something is going horribly wrong.

As much as I like Anderson and Williams, I think they should come off the bench... and I say that because we don't seem to have any energy or spark in the unit once we start subbing kids. If we had some leaders on the 2nd unit, then we may get some spark, and Ice and Thompson should be able to handle the floor better if ball handling is limited to only those two. (well, it's a theory anyway)